Luke Bryan Concerts

Luke Bryan born July 17,1976 is a superstar in the making. Remember the tracks ‘All friends stay’ and ‘Country Man’? These songs were a part of the album ‘Stay with me’. Luke Bryan, who is popular in the country music genre, is a singer /composer, and has to his credit many other songs like ‘Play it again’, ‘This is how we roll’, ‘Drink a beer’ and many others. The artist, who has four albums to his credit, is a great hit in the US. Because of his popularity with country audiences, he also enjoys merchandizing success, with products like Luke Bryan accessories and apparel. Luke Bryan has grown slowly and steadily from 2007. He says the best way to grow in the business is to be slow and steady.

It’s time for you to take part in his concert that will be happening on September 18th in San Antonio, TX, on Sep 19th in Houston, and on Sep 20th in Dallas, TX. The name of the concert is ‘That’s my kind of night’ and will be a great experience for Luke lovers. Take part in the concert if you love country music because you are going to listening to a genius in his genre. He has won several awards.

‘Top new solo vocalist’ in 2010 and ‘Male artist of the year’ in American country awards, 2013 are some of his outstanding achievements. The much-loved artist will also have concerts on Sep 25th and 26th in Tampa, FL, Sep 27th in West Palm Beach, Oct 1st in Knoxville, TN and on Oct 2ndin Auburn, AL. Want to know more about him? He is a guitarist, singer, composer, plays the piano and the electric guitar. The current concert ‘That’s my kind of night’ is based on his fourth album ‘Crash my party ‘ and began in January.

This is all about relaxing


Amongst the many forms of entertainment Country music is perhaps the best and cheap way as it does not involve going into a movie hall.

Later generations

Country music has had many generations like the first generation, all, these generations have had played their small but very important role in the overall growth and development of the genre of Country music. Many such periods and era have seen the growth and development of many such famous singers and songwriters who were immensely popular among the masses and they also made a very good amount of money out of it writing and singing the popular songs in different languages, versions and countries who simply love to listen to Country music. The later generations saw drastic changes in the pattern of singing of songs which were brought in the songwriters and singers who brought in their own flavor and style into it. The future generations have witnessed many such huge changes in the singing pattern of those singers who were greatly influenced by other genres and singers from other nations.

Typical songs

A typical song would normally include song writer’s emotion which mostly is that of the blues associated with a person who was recently broken up from a relationship. This is evident in many of the songs of Country music. A song would naturally be full of strong emotions such as love and frustration which is so very beautifully expressed in the selective usage of certain words and phrases by the different songwriters who do a great job to write those touching songs which take a lot of effort to be written down after quite an amount of thinking and pondering over a period of few months or weeks. All songs are generally very slow moving accompanied by the slow use of beats and tunes which adds to the flavor which makes it very soothing for a listener. A song is never very loud and does not use any objectionable words which give it a decent type of music to listen to so one can safely say that is plainly very soft form of music.

Country my country


Country music is all about striking the right note with its mega fans who die to listen to their favorite numbers all day.


Country music is all about hitting the right note each time and every time by its singers who work relentlessly to ensure that t5here is the proper connect between the song and its fans. For this they will have to make sure that the song that they write on a regular basis is done in a simple yet comprehensive language or else its listeners will have no fun in enjoying its tune and rhythm. Country music writers have flair of their own when it comes to writing the song for the fans who always look forward to them to get a good taste of Country music. There is a specific way or system which is common all the song writers of the genre. This system is strictly followed by all writers of such songs who follow the set of protocols while they write the songs. All the songs which are written have to strictly follow such set of guidelines .Many songwriters have expressed their feelings in a superb way because this leaves no room for a person to bring nay unwanted thoughts and feelings into their minds which is very important while writing any of such a song .Therefore it becomes very essential for all songwriters of Country music that they follow these standard set of guidelines which they follow very religiously. They follow these set of guidelines which these song writers follow very religiously because it makes their task pretty much simple and also very easy for the fans to understand and appreciate. Country music has a very different technique when compared with other music genres in its tone and other finer details. This follows a set of definite pattern of notes which is very different from other forms of music such as jazz and the blues which are pretty much similar to each other in their tone and style.


The style of Country music is very sweet and simple when compared with other genres because the notes are very short and simple making it a listeners delight and pleasure. They follow a very smooth and light flow of tones and notes which go to make the music very enigmatic and relaxing so therefore one can easily say that it is not a very hard form of music like rock and other such genres. The style is influenced heavily by the use of vocals and many musical devices like Banjo and saxophone etc. The style is such at it is neither very loud nor very soft making it relatively mild in its true and natural form which is very essential in its presentation. The style is always very heavily influenced by the native singing note of the American cowboys which reside in the villages of the various states of Georgia and other American states which love Country music. The African community residing in those American states has also contributed very heavily in its style. One can feel the same while listening to nay typical type of Country music. The style is composed up of many single such tones and notes which are found in other genres also who have borrowed elements from each other and have thereby helped each other to grow immensely which is very important for two separate art form to develop and also evolve at the same time so that both the forms can become truly enjoyable to its fans and listeners. The rules of Country music were designed in the very first generation by its few lead singers who made this art form a truly great one to look forward to. This is only the start to good new things in Country music.

Let’s talk about only songs


There are lot of good country songs and singers are have earned a lot of fame and money by performing live and also releasing them individually also. There is a tremendous amount of potential in this field if any person is ready to work hard and stay patient.

Best tracks

There are countless songs which have been written by many of the very well known song writers of Country songs. The most popular amongst the many of these tracks are as follows Arkansas Traveller and Turkey in the straw. These songs have been written and sung by their authors many times at prominent public places and also performed live on Radio and Television. Many other best selling tracks are also there like little log cabin in the lane , wreck of the old 97 which were very popular amongst its masses such that they have been on the list of the most popular songs ever thereby creating a record of sorts. Grand Ole Opry was one such amongst them which also quite a hit during those early days of Country songs which has seen a lot of growth and development. Country songs are best sung when it is performed without any musical instruments such as Dulcimer and others. Minimum usage of musical devices ensures a smooth flow of sound vibrations which gets no obstruction on its way. Although it would be inappropriate to say that that Country songs are completely devoid of the use of any musical devices. A certain Country songs singer has been really working very hard to get all the best ever Country songs sung into a single album so that its fan can very easily purchase the same from music shops and also over the internet which is more in use these days. Little log cabin in the lane is the best song ever sung by the singers of Country songs. This particular song was composed by a gentleman named Barry Cook who was inspired to write this particular piece after walking past by a piece of fallen long wood near the side of a street on a dark rainy night sometime in the early 1820’s in Atlanta city.


All super hit songs which have been penned by their respective singers and writers have been inspired by one thing or the other. Country songs have a many such very interesting stories in this particular regard. Country songs have largely been written and composed by songwriters who expressed their emotional sentiments in such a melodious way that some people get so much touched that they actually start weeping and crying because they get so emotionally touched by the depth and strength of those songs which are written after doing a lot of background research on the title of the song and also the nature and surrounding environment in which the particular track is actually written and composed for the listeners to enjoy. All the Country songs which have been written and composed have one interesting story to tell to its followers which is mostly inspired by sad little stories which has something or the other to do with it the personal lives of its writers who are generally very romantic in nature and personality. Many such songs are heavily inspired by the childhood love of the songwriters who have either broken away from their relationship or they have had some sort of issue with their lady love which they decide to write and sing about. That is actually a very good way to express one’s emotion .But in a certain way it is also about going public about their very own personal lives which ideally should not be made a into a topic to sing or talk about they definitely have all the right to do so in this free world where freedom of expression is of utmost importance and value to all of us. This is a very good way to tell the general public about the sad events of their individual lives.